26 Teeth Universal Stainless Steel Extrusion Gear for 3D Printer

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Product overview:

This is a 26-tooth extruder drive gear that fits into extruder assemblies and grabs the 3D Printing Filament firmly to move it towards or away from the hotend assembly. It has a high torque capability without damaging the filament and fits directly into the shaft of NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, making it easy to install but effective at assisting with consistent extrusion. These Extruder Drive Gears are designed for all types of 3D printer extruders, ensuring that the filament is brought into the melt zone during extrusion while being pulled back when the hotend moves across the print bed. This leads to more uniform and smooth extrusion, better print quality, and a lower risk of clogging or other issues. Although this is a small part, it is an important part of the extruder system because it prevents the melted filament from back-pressuring the hotend assembly.

The Extruder Drive Gear is commonly used in extruder drives. The gear is designed to fit the TEVO Tarantula, but it could be used on a variety of other 3D printers, or even in completely different machines. It's constructed of brass, which is tough but flexible enough to avoid filament damage, and it's small enough to fit without any additional adjustments.

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