All complete Bowden V6 with Fan Cable 30cm Length for 1.75 mm filament 0.2 mm Nozzle

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Product overview:

This Bowden V6 with Fan Cable 30cm Length for 1.75 mm filament 0.2 mm Nozzle includes the same distinctive high-temperature performance for high-temp printing, as well as improved capability for printing soft and flexible filaments. The old thermistor, heater block, sleeving, and cooling fan with holder are all included in this package.

You can print a wide range of materials with the v6 HotEnd, from delicate and flexible to durable and tough. This is made possible by the PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) liner tube that runs through the hotend and into the extruder, allowing you to add the confinement and restraint required for outstanding print quality with flexible filaments. This technology allows you to pursue your 3D printing goals in new ways.

You may print with high-temperature materials like Polycarbonate and Nylon with High-Temperature Performance, which also eliminates HotEnd meltdown failures that are prevalent with PTFE designs. Despite the fact that the v6 has a PTFE liner inside the hotend, the liner is never exposed to high temperatures, therefore there is no risk of overheating damaging the liner. Basically, because this design is so tuned in to all of the details, your prints will be crisp and precise.

The v6 has significantly reduced the amount of mass. The overall length of this clean-cut variant is only 62mm, and the new injection moulded fan duct allows for significant X/Y dimension reductions. To get started, no adhesives, Kapton tape, or soldering are required. The new v6 is simply screwed into position, and the thermistor legs are insulated with high-temperature glass sleeving. When opposed to previous methods utilising various adhesives, this makes installing (and removing) the hotend a rapid and painless process. The hotend's components simply screw together, and the fan duct clips in naturally - this may be modified in a variety of ways to fit your configuration preferences.

Package Includes:

1 x All complete Bowden V6 with Fan Cable 30cm Length for 1.75 mm filament 0.2 mm Nozzle

This kit contains:

1  x Aluminium Heatsink (Contains embedded fitting for tubing in 1.75mm)

1 Stainless Steel Heatbreak

1 x Brass Nozzle (0.2 mm)

1  x Aluminium Heater Block

1 x 100K Semitec NTC thermistor

1 x 12v 30 x 30 x 10mm Cooling fan with Fan Duct

1 x High-Temperature Fiberglass Wire – for Thermistor (150mm)

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