E3D Titan Extruder Direct Drive Kit for 1.75mm filament

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Product overview:

1.75mm Titan Extruder with Direct Drive from E3D Everyone can benefit from a Next-Generation Extruder for your 3D Printer because it provides high-performance, lightweight extrusion! All of the advantages of geared extrusion in a small, lightweight package.

Push, power, and performance are all words that come to mind when thinking of performance. Titan introduces lightweight, high-performance extrusion. All of the advantages of geared extrusion in a small, lightweight package. Titan is the suggested extruder for all of our HotEnds and can be put on most RepRap 3D printers to improve extrusion. 2 × 1.75mm regular Bowden Titans with motors, plus 2 mirrored equivalents are required for a complete Motion System.

Titan was designed with a 3:1 gear reduction, finely milled hobbed gearing, and E3D architecture to push with incredible power while remaining exceedingly light and compact.

When paired with an E3D V6 HotEnd, the gear ratio allows you to use smaller motors because you'll require less torque for the same filament pushing force. As a result, direct drive systems have a lighter moving carriage, are powerful, and reliable little beasts.

Titan works with all Bowden, direct extrusion, 1.75mm, and 3mm configurations and fits well into E3D's modular ecosystem. Only the filament guide needs to be changed to changing filament diameters, and both 3mm and 1.75mm versions are included with every Titan.

Extruders with high gear ratios have a hard time keeping up with Volcano for massive, quick printing and snappy retracts. Titan's 3:1 balanced gearing ratio allows you to handle fast extrusion scenarios like Volcano, while the lightweight gearset allows for quick retractions.

The reduced precision of filament motion causes filament to be extruded in pulses, which can produce 'pulsing' of flow in direct-drive extruders. This causes a slightly wavy surface finish, which is especially noticeable when printing with low layer heights. The use of 3:1 gearing triples the system's resolution and enables for seamless printing at the smallest of layer heights and with the tiniest of nozzles.

Note: Heat sink, Hot end, and Nozzle shown in the last image or Video are not included in this kit you have to buy them separately. Explore the category for all E3D extruder parts. 

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