Direct V6 J-head Hotend Heatsink for 1.75 mm filament

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Product overview:

The Direct V6 J-head Hotend Heatsink for 1.75 mm filament is a filament radiator developed for direct drive 1.75 mm extruders and Hotend Assemblies to prevent filament from melting before it reaches the heat block. This prevents clogs and jams in the cold-end, allowing it to melt only once it is dragged into the heating zone.

The bottom of the tower has a machined thread that connects to the heat break, while the top is encircled by a shroud that connects to the extruder assembly and fits a 30mm fan. The 30mm fan keeps the filament at a nice, cool temperature, allowing it to be extruded with exact accuracy and without melting before it needs to. This drastically minimises the likelihood of filament issues and produces far higher-quality prints.

Keep in mind that this cooling tower is designed for direct drive extruders; if you need a Bowden-style cooling tower, check out this V6 Bowden Cooling Tower, which fits both 1.75mm and 3mm extruder assemblies.

This V6 J-head Hotend Heatsink for 1.75 mm filament is designed to accommodate 1.75 mm diameter direct drive extruder and hotend assemblies such as our Charlstruder and Titan Extruder Assembly. It's one of the most important components for keeping the filament in top shape for high-quality prints and preventing issues like blockages, jams, and leaking.

For Makers who prefer larger filament or Bowden-style setups, we also carry alternative varieties like our V6 Cooling Tower for 3mm, as well as Bowden type radiators like the universal V6 Bowden Cooling Tower for 1.75mm and 3mm.

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