MQ7 - Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Module

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Heating voltage: 5V ± 0.2V

Working current: 140mA

Loop voltage: 10V (maximum DC 15V)

Load resistance: 10K (adjustable)

Detection concentration range: 10-1000ppm

Clean air voltage: ≤1.5V

Sensitivity: ≥3%

Response time: ≤1S (preheat 3-5 minutes)

Response time: ≤30S

Element power: ≤0.7W

Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃ ...

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This Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas sensor detects the concentrations of CO in the air and ouputs its reading as an analog voltage. The sensor can measure concentrations of 10 to 10,000 ppm.The sensor can operate at temperatures from -10 to 50°C and consumes less than 150 mA at 5V.

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