SIM800L V2.0 5V Wireless GSM GPRS MODULE

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Interface: UART TTL.

Baud rate :  Adaptive (default),support  2400-115200.

Power supply: 5 -20 V.

Power Interface: 2.54 mm Pin header or  MICRO USB interface.

Antenna Interface: ASMA, IPX.

Voice interface: 3.5 mm.

Network support: Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz – works on GSM networks in all countries across the world.

TTL serial interface ...

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SIM800L V2.0 5V Wireless GSM GPRS MODULE power supply for 5 v, computer debug USB to TTL serial port.Power to the output current of 800 ma, TTL serial interface is compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V micro-controller, can be directly after purchase and single-chip computer connection. The IPX antenna, the antenna interface can be arbitrary switching PCB glue stick antenna and suction cups. SIM800L 4 frequency communications, data available in the world. Do the foreign trade and foreign trade projects preferred.Welcome to test, batch prices would tumble.

SIM800L V2.0 GSM/GPRS Module is a QUAD BAND GSM/GPRS module which compatible with Arduino. The module works to add both of GSM features (voice call or SMS) and GPRS features. The advantages of these modules are the VCC and TTL serial levels that have 5V voltage, so you can directly connect it to Arduino or another minimum system with 5V of the voltage level. There are so many GPRS/GSM modules on the market which need to add 5V regulator and level converter circuit, while SIM800L V.2 GSM/GPRS module already has a built-in regulator circuit and TTL level converter on the board.

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